Our Inspiration

The inspiration behind the nameThe Painted Leaf comes from the many beautiful, artistic foliage plants that we share our world with. Each leaf on a plant is like a fully-crafted canvas, with seemingly infinite variations of a constant artistic expression.  Nature is magical!

Our Goal

To consistently provide beginner plant owners and plant enthusiasts alike, living in Canada, with healthy, quality plants, while balancing top-quality service, and a sense of community, filled with awesome plant parents!

Favourite Pots

Sustainable Packing

We currently use recyclable materials when packaging your order for shipment. The cardboard boxes, paper and cardboard wrapping, made from natural fibers, can be recycled or composted. Any bubble wrap (used to protect our most delicate plants and pots during the shipping process) has been REUSED. 

Our little way of reducing, reusing and recycling.

Blog Posts

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  • What to do when you receive your plants

    The journey that your plants take is not your average cruise. Your plants may need a few days to recuperate.

    Here's how you can help:

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Watering your Plants

    Many factors contribute to our houseplants’ growth and health, but in my opinion, the one most difficult to grasp is WATERING.

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  • The History Behind our Love of Plants

    We love plants over here, but have you ever wondered why? We had to bring a scholar to give us a great summary about the history of our love of plants.

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