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Winter Insurance

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Please see our Shipping policy for full details. Recommended when outside lows are colder than -5˚C in originating (Montreal) and destination cities.


Customer Reviews

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Louise D’Astous
Scindapsus Pictus Exotica Silver Pothos et Epipremnum aureum-Pearls and Jades Pothos

J’ai reçu la plus belle surprise en déballant mes plantes : mon Silver Pothos est si grand et tellement beau, et que dire de ma Pearl and Jade : elle est magnifique! Les plantes étaient emballées avec soins.

Trop heureuse d’avoir de si belles plantes qui mettent du bonheur dans ma vie de tous les jours.

Darian Bastien
Absolutely necessary

I was fortunate that the company reached out to me personally prior to shipping my parcel, they asked if I wanted winter insurance and tried to accommodate my order through its shipping journey. Unfortunately, the cold had the upper hand. Though, fortunately for me I had the winter insurance and was refunded for the plants that didn't make the journey.

I quite admire the customer service as I hold a hold expectation for it. I will definitely be back in the warmer months.

Terry Wright
Winter Insurance

What can I say, us guys in Northern Ontario are living in a deep freeze! If you plan to order anything tropical please don’t forget to add the winter insurance, the seller went over and above to try her best to get my plants here on time and as quick as possible! Don’t trust the shippers!!!!! They will leave your package for days in the cold and destroy all the contents and the box itself! PUROLATOR WORST SHIPPING EXPERIENCE EVER!! My experience with Paintedleaf… was 100 percent the best customer service I have ever got! She’s the nicest person and just wants what’s best for you and the plants she is sending! You will not be disappointed with any purchase from this lady!!! If you want any of these plants do yourself the favour and order! You won’t regret it! :)

Wow thanks for the lovely feedback Terry! We love dealing with customers who are as invested in their plants as we are. I hope to see your name pop up soon!

Elise Bertrand
Boîte abîmée, mais belle qualité de plante

J'ai reçu ma boîte avec un gros trou dedans, le transporteur n'a pad dû faire attention. Il y avait aussi pas mal de terre dans la boîte, le transporteur n'a pas dû suivre l'inscription de ne pas mettre la boîte à l'envers. Les plantes étaient vraiment froides à leur arrivée, j'espère juste qu'il n'y aura pas de conséquence. Mais pour la qualité des plantes, c'est numéro 1! :-)

Merci Elise! Dommage que la boîte ait été détruite, mais nous espérons que notre emballage a aidé les plantes à résister au processus d'expédition.