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Pictured: Safiya with Buddy 

I remember my first plant (it died).

I also remember my second plant, which I got at a plant workshop years ago, and which I still have to this day. His name is Buddy (Fun fact: all of my plants are named Buddy, as well as my robot vacuum cleaner). He has been divided and shared, and still surprises me to this day by blooming for the first time this year.

From the time I got my first plant to today, my interest and eventual love for houseplants has blossomed. I have now become one of those people who beam with pride when her Bird of Paradise opens a new leaf that is double the size of the previous one, or one who cannot stop talking about the first holes on her Monstera deliciosa, or how fuzzy the leaves of her African Violet are (huge thank you to my family who has endured these conversations).

Throughout the past couple years, I have become increasingly immersed in the global plant community (mostly on Reddit and Youtube), which has brought me much joy in discovering the breadth of nature’s "art installations". How closely the foliage of these plants reminded me of art on a canvas inspired the name of this online plant shop: The Painted Leaf

However, it is difficult living in Canada, and seeing the ease of finding sought-after houseplants in other parts of the world. My mission, therefore, is to find the current faves within the plant community, while celebrating the tried and true constants.

I am excited to take the plunge in forming my own plant tribe, where I can interact daily with like-minded, crazy plant parents (and most of you are crazier than I am!)

I am ready to learn from you as well, as I discover even more amazing plant species.

I can’t wait to share some amazing plants with you!



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