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Hoya linearis

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This Hoya is different. But makes a FABULOUS curtain when it starts to trail. The many thin leaves cascading down give such a delicate look to any shelf. And what about these fuzzy new leaves! They are the cutest part of your linearis experience. 

Note: If your Hoya grows long tendrils, do not cut them! If the tendril finds a spot to grip to, and with enough light, it can develop leaves along the length. Wrap the tendril around a trellis to help your plant develop these leaves.

Pet lovers will be happy to know that these plants are non-toxic. But please don't let cute little Boo nibble these beautiful leaves!

Note: Plants are unique! The plant pictured is meant to give you an idea of the specification and quality of the plant you will receive, but will not be an exact replica.

Light Requirements

Bright indirect

In their natural habitat, hoyas are often shaded by taller plants/trees. Therefore, bright indirect light is best. Although hoyas can be sunstressed by exposing the plant to more sunlight than necessary (sunstressing can result in beautiful reddish leaf colours), direct light that is too intense, can cause burning and fading of leaves. Low light can result in darker leaves.

Water Requirements


This Hoya requires a bit more water than your average hoya, due to its thinner leaves. It is best to keep the soil slightly moist. Please note, it is also easy to overwater, so do not keep the soil very wet. In general, it is better to wait a day if you are unsure whether to water your hoya. Water when the top half of soil is dry. Consider watering less during the winter season. Note: Be sure not to let the plant sit in pooled water as that can cause root rot.

Customer Reviews

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Hoya liberty

Plant arrived fast and packed nicely. Beautiful plant!

Yvette Bergeron

These plants arrived very quickly and were in good shape , they are all settling in quite well. Love them

Faye Gloeden

The plant was nicely packed and arrived quickly.