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Peperomia Hope

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The Peperomia Hope is a trailing peperomia, which is just as easy to care for as other peperomia. I usually recommend any peperomia to new plant parents, and this one is no exception. 

Pet lovers will be happy to know that these plants are non-toxic. But please don't let cute little Rex ruin these leaves!

Note: Plants are unique! The plant pictured is meant to give you an idea of the specification and quality of the plant you will receive, but will not be an exact replica.

Light Requirements


This plant can thrive in variable light settings, although bright indirect light would be best. Avoid direct light as it is too intense, and can cause fading of the leaves. This plant can tolerate lower light, albeit with a slower growth rate.

Water Requirements


Like many peperomia, this plant is sensitive to overwatering, so err on the side of caution! Water your Peperomia Hope once the top 2-4" of soil is dry. Less is more especially in the wintertime. Additional tip: This plant loves higher humidity, and will thank you if you place it near your humidifier in the winter. If you don't have a humidifier, no problem! this plant is fine with regular household humidity as well. Note: Be sure not to let the plant sit in pooled water as that can cause root rot.

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Très satisfaite. Délais raisonnable de livraison et belle plante.

Un de nos favoris :) Merci encore Cindy!