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Peperomia obtusifolia - Green

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Nothing beats a classic green. And a classic peperomia. The Peperomia obtusifolia has rounded leaves, and is easy care, once you follow the water requirements in the next tab. The perfect gift for an office, or whether you would like to have a pop of vibrant green in a space. 


Pet lovers will be happy to know that these plants are non-toxic. But please don't let cute little Rocky ruin these leaves!

Note: Plants are unique! The plant pictured is meant to give you an idea of the specification and quality of the plant you will receive, but will not be an exact replica.

Light Requirements


In its natural habitat, this plant is often shaded by taller plants/trees. Therefore, medium to bright indirect light is best. Direct light is too intense, and can cause burning and fading of leaves. This plant can tolerate lower light, albeit with a slower growth rate.

Water Requirements


Water your Peperomia obtusifolia once the top 2-4" of soil is dry. Err on the side of caution, and do not water too much. When in doubt, skip a day. Note: Be sure not to let the plant sit in pooled water as that can cause root rot.

Customer Reviews

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Bionca Caringi
So cute!

My husband bought one of these little guys for me for Mother's Day! It arrived so happy ad healthy. I love how glossy he is! Thanks for excellent quality, as always!

Thanks for the review Bionca! And we agree, these are one of the cutest plants we have in stock.