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Ceropegia woodii variegata - Variegated String of Hearts

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Spread love every day by adding the Ceropegia woodii variegata, commonly known as Variegated String of Hearts, to your collection. This version differs from the classic String of Hearts as it has additional soft pink variegation sprinkled here and there. Such a delicate look in a hanging planter. Despite their delicate look, the String of Hearts is a relatively forgiving plant, once you follow the care requirements in the following tabs. 

Note: Your string of hearts will come all wrapped up for safe transport. When you receive your plant, take your time and unravel the vines, so that your plant can trail!

Pet lovers will be happy to know that these plants are non-toxic. But please don't let cute little Bella nibble these beautiful leaves!

Note: Plants are unique! The plant pictured is meant to give you an idea of the specification and quality of the plant you will receive, but will not be an exact replica.

Light Requirements

Bright indirect

Given the optimal light, String of hearts tend to explode with growth. Bright indirect light is ideal. Direct light is too intense, and can cause burning and fading of leaves. However, his plant can tolerate lower light settings, albeit with much slower growth.

Water Requirements


In general, it is better to wait a day if you are unsure whether to water your String of Hearts. Water when the top half of soil is dry. Consider watering less during the winter season. Note: Be sure not to let the plant sit in pooled water as that can cause root rot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chaîne de coeurs panachés

De toute beauté!

Emballage, livraison tout était wow!

Je recommande ce site.

Cutest hearts ever!

Love my variegated string of Hearts, very minimal damages from shipping. The plants looks very healthy and very pale. With some well needed sunlight these baby have already started to turn pink 💗 the hearts are so cute! I have different string of heart but those two new ones have such beautiful variegation! Very happy with them and we'll worth every penny. . Very happy with this purchase. As of today she's thriving very well and still looks healthy. Hasn't finished the shock period but so far so good! Got the plants on Friday, it's now Sunday evening.

Andrea Fox

The variegated string of hearts I received is perfect! Thank you!

Thank you for your review Andrea! We love the variegated string of hearts too!

Katherine Glover
Absolutely beautiful

Very impressed. The plant arrived in great condition and was full and healthy. It was very well packed and I appreciated the personal touch, thank you! I will definitely order again.

Thanks so much for your feedback Katherine! Happy to hear that you like your new plant.

Nathalie Voisine
Je suis en amour avec cette beauté!

Regardez moi cette beauté, je suis sous le charme. Les couleurs sont incroyablement belles. Livraison très rapide 2 jours, emballage parfait et elle est arrivée en parfaite condition et santé.
Je recommande fortement ce site, ils sont méticuleux et très efficaces. Une très belle expérience!
Je viens tout juste de repasser une autre commande.
Merci pour votre excellent service!

WOW! Merci pour les belles photos Nathalie!